The Best from Japan and China

We have owned Haiku Sushi for several years now with considerable success. Haiku Sushi is an elegant metropolitan restaurant that focuses on traditional Japanese courses. We have now, after some consideration, chosen to give the sushi restaurant some company: We also happen to be experts on the delicious Sourthern Chinese dish, Dim Sum or Chinese tapas. To our eyes, both Sushi and Dim Sum have one thing in common: they are both small portion dishes filled to the brim with delicacy and beauty.

New concepts require new names, and that is why we have changed our name to Taste of Fortune! This name implies that our dishes are simply the fastest way to fortune and happiness, at the very least for your taste buds and your mood.

Steiner - Taste of Fortune 493

Passion meets Tradition

We at Taste of Fortune focus on supreme quality. The highest form of culinary harmony can only be attained by looking into the smallest of details. Our highly qualified chefs create small, culinary works of art through tools that do not only consist of knives, pots and pans, but also passion, creativity and pride.

This does not mean that we only create sushi dishes from traditional recipes: we also strongly believe in innovation. We intend to create an Asian cuisine, which is unique and thought provoking, and in which the flavour and quality is the most important ideal.


Find your own Slice of Happiness

We at Taste of Fortune greatly treasure our esteemed customers. The quality of our fine Japanese and Chinese cuisine is supported by our customer-minded employees. We enjoy personally attending to our customers in a friendly and down-to-earth manner, whether our customers found our restaurant by chance or heard about from a friend. Our restaurants appearance, attention to customers and fine cuisine all combines into utmost harmony. It is also therefore up to our guests to choose, whether they want to order from our prepared menus or explore and delve deeper into our many and varied dishes.